Clever engineering can make a vehicle better in every way. Ram took this ethos to heart and they have aimed to make the Ram 1500 more efficient. They have done this by equipping the Ram 1500 with features to increase its fuel efficiency and reduce its drag.

One of the coolest features that Ram has come up with is an active air dam. Once the Ram 1500 goes over 30 mpg the air dam springs into action and reduces the drag created by the front end of the truck. Speaking of aerodynamics, The new Ram 1500 spent some hours in a wind tunnel to help get better efficiency when driving down the highway. All of Ram's hard work and engineering paid off as the Ram 1500 has a drag coefficient of .357 which is the lowest of all vehicles in its class.

You can find clever engineering features throughout the design of the Ram 1500. They are all there to make the Ram 1500 the best truck it can be. Head on over to West Herr Dodge if you want to get behind the wheel. We would be more than happy for you to drive it around in Orchard Park, NY.

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