The Dodge Challenger Blacktop Package Has Practical Features

If you buy a Dodge Challenger and the Blacktop package, you'll get great interior and exterior features. Some of the extra items will provide comfort perks, and others will provide curb appeal.

The Blacktop package includes 20-inch aluminum wheels, which stand out on a driveway or parking lot. These wheels shine because they have a shiny, glossy, black finish. Inside the cabin, there are impressive premium floor mats that offer support and comfort. Around the mats near the leather-trimmed seats, you'll find interior accents that provide flair. Everyone will notice these accents because they also have a black, glossy color scheme. The Blacktop package also includes other designer features, such as a black spoiler, bezel, and grille.

West Herr Dodge Orchard Park sells the Dodge Challenger and the Blacktop Package. If you purchase this automobile along with the package, you'll have opportunities to drive to various destinations in Orchard Park in a comfortable, stylish cabin.

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