How to Finance a New Vehicle Purchase: Refinance or Trade-in

If you are in the market to purchase a second automobile for your family, you be stewing over how you will go about financing the purchase, including making a down payment on the new vehicle. The common practice is for a person to trade-in an existing vehicle on a new purchase. That doesn't work when you desire to add an additional vehicle.

One solution available to you is to seek out a refi loan on your existing car. With the proceeds from the loan you can make a down payment on another automobile. Of course, you will need to have a credit rating sufficient to take on two loans.

If you find yourself with questions about adding another vehicle to your household, feel free to visit us at your convenience at West Herr Dodge. We are conveniently located in Orchard Park, NY. Our team stands available to assist you with all of your vehicle purchasing questions and needs.

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