Confusion of Tire Sizes Explained

When you look at your car’s tires and read something like P215/65R15, it may seem like you are reading an old ancient code to unlock something. But, in reality, those numbers on your tire are very specific to your tires and vehicle.

To breakdown how to read the tire size, start with the first letter in the example, “P”. In this case, the “P” stands for passenger tire. If there is an “LT” first, this indicates light truck. No letter indicates that the tire is a Euro Metric Tire.

The second number in the example, “215”, measures the width of the tire from sidewall to sidewall and this is measured in millimeters. The third number, “65”, indicates the aspect ratio of the tire. This measures the ratio of the height of the tire to the width.

The letter “R” in the example displays the construction of the style. In this example, “R” stands for radial construction. The final number “15”, measures the diameter of the wheel that the tire can fit on.

While confusing, your friends at West Herr Dodge in Orchard Park, NY can take a look at your tires and ensure that the proper tires are ordered and installed on your car.

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