Dodge Durango SRT Performance Features

Unique Performance Features of this Dodge SUV

When you’re looking for the top-of-the-line SUV, look no further than the Dodge Durango SRT. This vehicle sports a series of unique features that make it a competitive vehicle regarding performance.

This vehicle gets most of its power through its 6.4-liter HEMI ® SRT V8 engine. It has the potential to produce 475 horsepower. It can go from zero to 60 mph in only 4.4 seconds. These performance standards are not common among SUV style vehicles!

This is one of the most powerful three-row SUV vehicles on the market. It is supported with its performance-tuned all-wheel drive. This ensures that you will keep going even through slick grass and heavy snow. It also has the best-in-class towing capacity of 8,700 pounds!

This is one of the most powerful three-row SUV vehicles on the market

Finally, this vehicle also has a Bilstein ® Active -Damping High-Performance Suspension. This will keep you stable and allow you to absorb shocks and uneven ground. If you are interested in learning more about this Dodge vehicle, call or stop by today and one of our friendly customer service representatives will be happy to assist you with anything that you may need.

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