Autumn Leaves Look Nice but Can Damage Your Car

When you see the leaves change colors you know fall has arrived. But, as pretty as the colorful leaves are, they can spell trouble for the roads and even your car. Roads become dangerous when they're filled with fallen leaves. They make the road slick when wet and can make potholes and curbs hard to see. Leaves also stain your car, clog air filters, and damage other parts of your car. Here are some tips to avoid leaf damage to your car:

  • When possible, avoid parking under trees or park under trees that have already lost a majority of its leaves.
  • If you notice leaves on your car, removed them as soon as possible. This may mean that you have to remove leaves every day for a while.
  • You may want to invest in a car cover. This will be useful for every season.
  • Wash your car more often during the fall months.
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