All-wheel drive and four-wheel drive are features are systems included in many cars that add grip and traction. Although they sound similar and perform similar functions, there are important difference.

All-wheel drive is a feature on cars that looks for the path of least resistance. When computers in your engine sense bad road conditions, they'll send more power to the wheels that need more grip. AWD cars are split to front and back torque, allowing them to perform well in different conditions such as mud and snow.

Four-wheel drive is a catered to more specific features. 4WD is different than AWD, as it locks the front and back axels together and splits the engine power 50:50 between the two. 4WD is not good to drive on all the time, as it is hard on the engine. That said, if you're going to do off-road driving or need substantially more traction, switching on 4WD is a valuable option.

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